Have the nagging feeling that this net neutrality stuff is probably ridiculously important?

Still can’t bring yourself to read about it?

Join us -- right here in our virtual movie theater -- Sunday August 10th:

  • 7:30pm ET for a special screening of the mockumentary film THE INTERNET MUST GO, a movie that will tell you what you need to know in 30 minutes (while making you laugh, instead of boring you to tears).
  • 8:00pm ET -- immediately after the film, stick around to join the conversation online about the issues at hand, with: Gena Konstantinakos (filmmaker), Larry Lessig (Internet activist and author), Nate Query (Black Prairie, The Decemberists; musician), Kevin Avery (comedian and writer on HBO’s "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," whose recent piece on net neutrality generated so many viewer comments it broke the FCC's website) and Alexis Ohanian (reddit co-founder), moderated by Anna Holmes (founder of Jezebel).

During the screening we’ll be running a live Twitter feed so viewers can discuss the film and the issues in real time. #InternetMustGo

The Film Has Ended